About Us

Wild Culture Sourdough Starters is a quality provider of 100% natural yeast sourdough starter cultures.

We are based in San Francisco, California, but capture wild yeast sourdough cultures from around the world for use in baking.  Different geographical locations contain different types of yeast and bacteria, producing subtly different tasting sourdough breads from region to region.

We ship our sourdough cultures anywhere in the world (shipping info) in a dehydrated powder that you can easily activate at home with water to create a sourdough sponge for baking.

With regular feedings of flour and water, your Wild Culture Sourdough Starters will feed your family for many years to come.  Happy baking!

Wild Culture Sourdough Starters 
1388 Haight Street #130, San Francisco, CA  94117
Web:  http://www.wild-culture.com
Email: info (at) wild-culture.com

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