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An abundance of deep blue waters, lush fertile farmlands, and enchanted emerald forests have contributed to the creation of this stellar Wild Culture Sourdough Starter from Michigan. Bake moist cookies, tangy cheese bread, or delicious buttery rolls with this favorite culture.

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Order 1 oz. of dried sourdough starter MICHIGAN @ $14.99

sourdough baguetteA sourdough culture from the great outdoors of northern Michigan, near Traverse City, where the air is clean and the grass is green.  This Michigan Wild Culture Sourdough Starter provides complex flavor, excellent lift, and impressive texture to everything it raises.

Try this sourdough culture to bake a mouth-watering honey whole-wheat bread, just like mom used to make.  The sweet smell of wild yeast rising makes for a most pleasant home environment, especially when it originated in the Great Lakes state.

The Michigan Wild Culture Sourdough Starter was captured in the deep woods of northern Michigan in 2007.

Order 1-oz. Michigan Wild Culture Sourdough Starter in dried powder format, which can be activated easily at home with water and flour.  The sourdough culture is ready for baking as soon as 2 days from activation.

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