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As a culture over 10,000 years old, ancient Egypt was the pioneer of fermented foods. This Wild Culture Sourdough Starter was captured in Cairo, near the Great Pyramids and Sphinx. The culture may be ancient, but it makes a fresh delicious loaf, bursting with flavor!

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Order 1 oz. of dried sourdough starter EGYPT @ $14.99

For a culture with deep history, this sourdough starter originated near the Great Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt.

The world’s first bread bakers are widely considered to be the ancient Egyptians, who, at times, were paid their wages in bread and beer.  Like Egypt itself, this Wild Culture Sourdough Starter encapsulates the cherished traditions of the past with the ascending hopes for the future.

Use this sourdough culture to make a wide variety of baked goods, using any grain or flour with consistently excellent results.

Captured in 2008, this Egyptian Wild Culture Sourdough Starter will rise-up every time — and it packs a punch!

Order 1-oz. Cairo Wild Culture Sourdough Starter in dried powder format, which can be activated easily at home with water and flour.  The sourdough culture is ready for baking as soon as 2 days from activation.

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