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With origins on the Central Coast of California, the Monterey start is one of the crown jewels in our collection. Monterey is known for its cuisine and this start will help you bake sensational sourdough bread like they serve along Cannery Row or in nearby Carmel-by-the-Sea.

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Order 1 oz. of dried sourdough starter MONTEREY @ $14.99

Sourdough bagels

A sensational sea level sourdough start created along the stunning Central Coast of California in Monterey.

This Wild Culture Sourdough Starter from Monterey, California was captured in 2009.

Order 1-oz. Monterey Wild Culture Sourdough Starter in dried powder format, which can be activated easily at home with water and flour.  The sourdough culture is ready for baking as soon as 2 days from activation.

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