Mexico City

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Mexico City was built by the Aztecs in 1325 at an altitude of 7,943 feet making this our highest altitude start. If you live in the mountains and need extra lift when baking or if you live near sea level and prefer rapid and high rising breads, this sourdough start is for you. Makes an excellent pizza crust!

Product Information

Order 1 oz. of dried sourdough starter MEXICOCITY @ $14.99

sourdough breadA sourdough culture from the oldest metropolis on the American continent, Mexico City.

Mexico City is perched atop a highland valley at about 2,240 meters (7,392 feet) above sea level, so this particular Wild Culture Sourdough Starter performs particularly well at altitude.

This Wild Culture Sourdough Starter was captured in 2009 in the historical center of Mexico City.

Order 1-oz. Mexico Wild Culture Sourdough Starter in dried powder format, which can be activated easily at home with water and flour.  The sourdough culture is ready for baking as soon as 2 days from activation.