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From one of the culinary capitals of the world, Wild Culture Sourdough Starters' Paris culture makes exceptional French Bread and features a slightly sweet flavor with dramatic lift when baked. Use this culture for pastries and sweets that need leavening, the natural way.

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Order 1 oz. of dried sourdough starter PARIS @ $14.99
Blisters are beautiful on bread.

Blisters are beautiful on bread.

Bake authentic French bread with a sourdough culture from the City of Light, Paris.

Croissants, pastries, baguettes, and boules all perform exceptionally well with this popular Wild Culture from Paris.  A golden loaf of crusty French bread made from this starter can turn an ordinary wine and cheese picnic into a delicious feast.

This Paris Wild Culture Sourdough Starter seems to possess the least sour flavor of all the Wild Cultures we provide, so use this culture when you want to bake something sweet or that tastes less sour in the final product than a typical sourdough.

This Wild Culture was captured in the heart of Paris’ Left Bank in Montparnasse during the summer of 2008.  Paris’ rich culture and refined elegance shine through in this unique sourdough starter, bringing a “taste of Paris” to your home baking.

Order 1-oz. Paris Wild Culture Sourdough Starter in dried powder format, which can be activated easily at home with water and flour.  The sourdough culture is ready for baking as soon as 2 days from activation.

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